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How to Groom your Private Area – Men’s Groin Grooming / Manscaping with Zero

How to Manscape Your Groins and Jewels the Right Way. Best Practice ‘Down There’ Grooming!

It may seem tedious or unnecessary however following through with the correct manscaping and grooming routines can lead to a healthier, happier, and more confident you. Here we will give you step by step instructions on how to go about grooming your family jewels. 

Step 1: Manscape Whilst Showering, trimming your Groins is Easier in the Shower with the Zero Groomer

Manscaping in the modern age has become an essential part of our daily lives. It is not longer ok to have any part of our bodies unhygienic; especially not your private regions which provide a warm and humid atmosphere for bacteria to grow. Regular grooming couple with the correct products and underwear is necessary to keep your bits attractive and healthy. It is important to note that grooming alone makes a big difference, but it is advised to go further by applying a suitable moisturising deodorant like the Zero Groin Deodorant and wearing anti-chafing moisture wicking underwear like the Zero Boxers.

Showering can relax your skin and lubricate the surface to reduce cutting during your trimming session. The Zero Groomer is waterproof and works best in the shower leading to a safe and easy grooming session. Although we recommend trimming in the shower, it is not compulsory so this step can be skipped if you prefer to trim out of the shower or are in a rush and in need of a quick trim.

Step 2: Trim your Family Jewels the Right Way with the Zero Cuts Technology

The Zero Cuts blade reduces cuts however due to the nature of the groin area it is easy to cut or nick your skin. Therefore, it is advised to stretch the skin of the area that you’re cutting and then go about trimming. We recommend starting with the upper body and then your arms and legs following by your under arms and finally your groins. The trimmer can be washed at each interval as it is waterproof. When using the trimmer, it is best to angle the trimmer so that the back of the blade is angled approximately 15-30 degree to the skin that you’re trimming. Try not to point the blade directly at your skin as this can lead to scratching. If you are trimming your whole body, this can take more than 15 minutes depending on the individual which is why the Zero Groomer has a 90-minute battery life.

Step 3: Shave for the Smooth Manscaping Look After Trimming your Body and Groins.

Some people prefer a smooth shave, and this can be done following a trim. Just be sure to use the right products and blade to reduce rashes and irritations and not to use the same blade on your face. Shaving in the shower can also be much easier and safer.

Step 4: Deodorant and Anti-Chafe Boxers

Manscaping is not complete without the correct deodorant and boxers. The groins are a haven for bacteria, and this can get nasty if you don’t deal with it regularly. These bacteria can lead to irritations and nasty odour, not a pretty picture! Eliminate this problem by using a groin deodorant like the Zero Groin Deodorant and ensure that your groins are staying dry and aerated throughout the day by wearing moisture wicking underwear like the Zero Boxers.

Step 5: Use the Right Products when Manscaping or Grooming

When manscaping or grooming it is advised to use the brands that are tailored for this purpose. Many ordinary brands attempt to sell manscaping products however this is not their forte. Your private area is a very delicate region which reacts very differently to the rest of your body. It is therefore very important that the PH levels in your groins are maintained and that the correct natural ingredients are used. Zero Manscaping is a brand tailored specifically for men’s manscaping and grooming below the belt. Our deodorant is designed using only natural ingredients which balance your PH levels and eliminate chemicals and odour in your sensitive regions. Furthermore, the Zero groomer is designed to prevent cuts to your jewels which can lead to nasty infections. We are also continually researching the male body to ensure that we are providing the best products for the benefit of Aussie Manscaping. The Zero Deodorant is made right here in Sydney by qualified pharmacists, so rest assure that our quality is guaranteed.

The Best Men’s Body Hair Trimmer or Groomer = Zero Groomer!

The number one men’s body and balls hair trimmer is now even better...

You may be wondering, what makes the Zero Groomer the best body trimmer for me? You may also be wondering, which trimmer you should buy to trim your body hair? Regardless of the reason why, we will explain why the Zero Groomer is the only choice when it comes to body and balls grooming. When trimming your body hair, there are a number of things to consider like battery life, blade safety, washability, value for money and the list goes on!

Zero Cuts Blade won't nick or cuts your skin when trimming your body

A very important aspect of male grooming is skincare. Being well groomed is counterproductive if it comes at the cost of damaging your skin. It is important to stay well groomed with tools that will not damage your skin, especially down there! The Zero Groomer is equipped with the Zero Cuts blade which will ensure that your skin is nick and cut free. The blades are made from soft ceramic material and designed in a way as to minimise damage to your skin.

Replaceable blades for safe and long term manscaping

The Zero Cuts blade can be purchased separately and easily replaceable. Over time, all trimmer blades will wear out and need to be replaced. If they are not replaced, then they can cause damage to your skin. We have hence made the Zero Groomer blades easily replaceable when they have worn out of use. You can simply swap out the old for the new.

Waterproof, easy to wash and useable in the shower

When manscaping and trimming your body, it is important to ensure that bacteria is not being transferred from your underarms and your groins to your body. For this reason, we recommend trimming your body first, then under arms and then your balls. We also recommend washing the trimmer and blade between intervals. You can only do this if you are using a waterproof trimmer. Luckily, the Zero Groomer is both washable and waterproof. For better manscaping, we recommend trimming your groins in the shower.

LED screen power reserve for happy body trimming

What do you do when you’re trimming and halfway through, your battery runs out? Well, we can safely say that this will not be a problem with the Zero Groomer as it has a LED screen which always shows the amount of power remaining so you’ll never get stuck again!

Long lasting rechargeable battery with charging dock for the hairiest of bodies

Whether you are a werewolf or a Sphynx Cat, you can rely on the longevity of the Zero Groomer battery. They are long lasting lithium batteries which are easily recharged with a dedicated charging dock. Trim your body, your groins and wherever else you like without having to worry ever agin.

Value for money

When looking for a high-quality men’s body trimmer with all the features of the Zero Groomer, you may send yourself out of pocket. Compared to it’s rivals in the same arena, the Zero Groomer is far more affordable which makes it the best value for money. Manscape and trim your body with the Zero Groomer without breaking the bank.

Why is the Zero Groomer the best trimmer for men’s body hair?

When weighing up all the features of the Zero Groomer against its rivals, it easily comes on top of the ladder. Enjoy a nick free, waterproof, and rechargeable body trimmer loaded with features at a very affordable price. We even offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Zero Manscaping is a trusted Aussie brand that aims to provide the best tools for men’s grooming and manscaping.

Why Use a Dedicated Men’s Manscaping Groin Trimmer for your Balls?

Why pay extra for a dedicated body and balls trimmer for men when you already have a face trimmer?

If you are like most men and have purchased an expensive face trimmer, you may be wondering why there would be a need to buy a separate trimmer for your balls and body. It may not be exactly intuitive, but there are a few particularly important reasons for why you need a resolute below the belt trimmer. Groin trimmers like the Zero Trimmer. designed by Zero Manscaping specifically for your body and your family jewels to ensure that you achieve the optimal results without any nasty surprises.


In recent times, men’s grooming has evolved significantly which has increased the important of appropriate grooming, manscaping and hygiene. Using a face trimmer on your balls is not only unsightly but also extremely unhygienic. This can take bacterial and fungus from your groins right to your face and if you were unfortunate enough to cut your face in the process this can also lead to infections. It is very important hence to buy an appropriate men’s body groomer.

Specially Designed / Prevents Cuts / Itchiness

Most face shavers and trimmers are made to give you a closer shave which means they are sharper and more dangerous making them unsuitable for your balls. The Zero Trimmer. comes with a Zero Cuts Blade which is specifically designed for sensitive areas to prevent cuts and injury to your prized possessions. You do not want to have a sharp steel blade anywhere near your groins. Therefore, we have designed the Zero Cuts Blade with a softer less scary ceramic material. Cuts can lead to itchiness, irritation, and infections hence it is important to prevent them by using the right tool.

Other People Using Them

If you live in a household with other men present, you may be at risk of your face trimmer or shaver being used by someone else. Chances are that they will be using them for their balls. Scary thought! If, however you have a resolute manscaping trimmer then this will not be a problem. If you want to eliminate the problem all together, you can be a top bloke and purchase them a men’s gift kit from Zero Manscaping which has all the best grooming products in one affordable kit called the Zero Kit.


It is important when selecting men’s grooming products to consider the longevity of the products themselves. Mens grooming brand tend to have their own niche speciality which their products are tailored to. For instance, face shavers and trimmers need to stay very sharp to be effective hence their longevity is incredibly low. Dedicated manscaping trimmers use a ceramic blade which have high longevity. Using a face shaver in your groin area will only make them last a significantly lesser duration.

Why Use the Zero Groomer

The Zero Groomer is designed specifically for safe groin and body trimming. It is also rechargeable with a high-quality lithium battery that can last up to 90 minutes in one charge. The trimmer, being waterproof, means that it is useable in the shower and is easy to clean and sanitize. Zero Manscaping brings you the best balls shaver in Australia. For the best Aussie owned Manscaping Products, Luxury Grooming Kit and Groin Trimmer head to to support your local Aussie brands. We provide free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Why should you manscape or trim your pubic hair?

In the current times, a gentleman is not complete without proper manscaping and hygiene so you may ask, ‘what is proper manscaping?’. Manscaping refers to any form of grooming or cosmetic maintenance that men do to say hygienic, fresh, and more attractive. In this article, we are referring specifically to manscaping below the belt i.e shaving your balls. So, why do it? What benefits do you reap from spending the time and effort to upkeep your groin and maintain them to a high standard? Below we have outlined some of the key advantages of manscaping but to summarise, proper manscaping gives men confidence and improves overall attractiveness. Hair is no longer in trend, so get rid of it and keep it that way!

1. Healthier

Having a hairy bush between your legs, an area which is prone to sweating and bacterial growth is not ideal. Trimming down there ensure you keep the area clean and breathable; it is advised to use a natural groin deodorant like Zero Groin Deodorant to prevent sweating and chafing which can lead to odour and bacterial growth. It is also recommended to minimise cuts and bleeding in your crotch as this can lead to infections. Minimise cuts by using a trimmer designed specifically for your sensitive regions like the Zero Trimmer.

2. Reduces sweating

Excessive sweating simply promotes bad odours and bacterial growth, so you want to try and minimise sweating in your crotch. Manscaping will significantly reduce sweating which is not only healthy but also more comfortable.  

3. Increase sex appeal and attractiveness

Maintaining a smooth and hairless crotch is more attractive for your partner. It also helps in other ways, like the saying goes ‘mow the lawn and the garden looks bigger’. Statistics have shown that most partners prefer a clean and hairless crotch so do yourself and your partner a favour and mow the lawn.

4. Boosts confidence

A healthier crotch with minimal sweating and increased sex appeal can only lead to a confidence boost. Studies show that a confident man is more successful than a man with low confidence. In the modern era, confidence is key to promote yourself in your career and your personal life. Studies also show that women are more attracted to confident men hence it is important for the modern man to focus on improving their confidence in as many ways as possible.

5. More comfortable

Perhaps the most important perk of manscaping is that it is more comfortable. Having a trimmed, smooth, and hygienic junk along with regular moisturising and deodorising coupled with the right underwear can lead to a very comfortable crotch. There’s nothing more annoying than chafing, sweating and discomfort in your crotch.


After understanding the benefits, you may want to know the best practice when approaching manscaping. We will summarise it here below in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: When showering, use a body wash that is suited to your sensitive areas and made from natural ingredients. Most soaps are made from harmful chemicals that only lead to dry and unhealthy skin. Try our specially designed body wash made from natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Coconut Extracts. Buy the Zero Body Wash now.

Step 2: Trim your pubic hair in the shower using the Zero Trimmer made specifically for your groin area and promises to minimise cutting and bruising. It is waterproof and useable in the shower so you can’t go wrong.

Step 3: Ensure you dry your body and crotch area well, leaving moisture in your groins after a shower can promote fungal growth. Once dry, use the Zero Groin Deodorant to keep your balls dry, clean and moisturised prevent chafing, sweating and odour.

Step 4: Finish up the routing by putting on our breathable, comfy and anti-chafing boxers. You can find the Zero Boxers on our website.

Step 5: Enjoy your comfortable and clean crotch and tackle your daily challenges with your newly found confidence and sex appeal.

All items are available for purchase on our website.

Why you have an itchy crotch and how to stop it!

What are some of the common causes of itchy balls?

An itchy crotch is one of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing things that a man can face in his life. It can sometimes get so itchy that you will find it hard to resist scratching them. To top it off, depending on the cause of the itch, it can sometimes be coupled with a bad odour. Not very attractive at all!

The modern man needs to learn about these conditions and be equipped with the right tools and techniques to ensure that he has a neat, hygienic, and attractive package on display. Therefore, correct manscaping is one of the most important habits for the modern gentleman. Below are some causes of an itchy crotch along with our solutions.

1. Not manscaping regularly with the right tools?

Are you taming your pubic hair? If not, this could be the cause of your itchy crotch. Pubic hair can get messy and tangled and it can hold sweat and odours. It is best to trim below the belt regularly using a purpose-built trimmer like the Zero Groomer. Using a shaver or face trimmers on your gonads is not only unhygienic but can also lead to cuts or razor burns which will cause itching. You may also experience itching from the stubble growing back after a shave. The Zero Groomer is ideal for this purpose, as it avoids cuts in your sensitive regions and doesn’t cause razor burn.

2. Jock Itch

Jock itch is a fungus related skin condition experienced mostly by athletes and highly active men. The fungus, like many others, lives in warm, moist areas such as the crotch. It is common in the inner thighs and genital areas as these areas are most prone to sweat and warmth. To best tackle jock itch, it is recommended to incorporate the following routines into your daily lifestyle:

  • Trim your pubes regularly using the Zero Groomer;
  • Keep your crotch dry and hygienic using the Zero Groin Deodorant;
  • Maintain a dry and clean crotch after exercise using the Zero Groin Refresher; and
  • Wear breathable anti-chafing boxers like the Zero Boxers.

3. Chafing

There are many causes that could lead to chafing and one of the biggest one is wearing the wrong underwear or clothing. If chafing prolongs, it can lead to severe irritations and very uncomfortable scratching. Some causes of chafing cannot be avoided therefore it is best to prepare yourself by using an anti-chafing deodorant designed for your crotch such as the Zero Groin Deodorant. It has moisturising and anti-bacterial effects that will keep you fresh and chafe-free all day long. The aloe vera and coconut extracts mean that you’re not exposing yourself to harmful chemicals rather using only natural proven remedies. It is also advised to wear anti-chafing, breathable underwear like the Zero Boxers.


STDS that can cause itching such as herpes, crabs, gonorrhoea, etc. however it is unlikely that you have these, as most cases of itching are due to the causes stated above. If you do experience burning or serve irritation it is advised to see a doctor. It is also advised to get tested regularly if you are active with multiple partners.

5. Bad Hygiene

If you have bad hygiene and do not maintain your crotch area, the salts that are left behind from sweat build up. This can cause your skin to dry out which then can lead to itchiness and irritation. Is it  recommended to shower regularly, ideally using a body wash that is purpose built for sensitive areas such as the Zero Body Wash. It’s made with natural ingredients; is gentle on your skin and will remove any salty deposits leaving your skin rehydrated and smelling great. Hygiene is paramount for the modern gentleman as is good skincare hence, it is recommended to not only keep your crotch clean but also to use the right products as ordinary soaps and body washes can leave your skin dry and irritable.

6. Dermatitis

There are certain skin conditions that can cause itchiness in your groin area such as Dermatitis. There are many causes for Dermatitis and to manage these symptoms it is best to wear breathable non-irritating and anti-chafe clothing. For this reason, we have designed the Zero Boxers to be breathable and anti-chafing so that your family jewels can hang comfortably in good atmosphere.

Keep an eye out for our next blog for all your manscaping tips and tricks!